Show Me the Money!

at  FRida & freD – The Graz Children’s Museum, Graz, Austria [2011|03 – 2012|03]
sk Detske Muzeum, Bratislava, Slovakia [2012|04 – 2012|11]
ro National Museum Romanian History, Bukarest, Romania [2012|12 – 2013|05]
cz Muzeum Hlavního Mesta Prahy, Prag, Czech Republic [2013|04 – 2014|01]
srb Музеј науке и технике Београд (Museum of Science and Technology), Belgrade, Serbia [2014|05 – 2015|01]
hr Tehnički muzej, Zagreb, Croatia [2015|02 – 2017|04]
cz DEPO, Plzeň, Czech Republic [2017|09 – 2018|04]

at  FRida & freD – The Graz Children’s Museum, Graz, Austria [2019|03 – 2020|03]

The travelling exhibition „Show me the money“ is an interactive exhibition about money and has already visited different countries and cities. The exhibition was designed by the Vienna Children’s Museum ZOOM in cooperation with the Graz Children’s Museum FRida & freD. The seventeen interactive exhibits were developed by the special field DMT.

The visitors receive a bank card and can earn and spend money during their visit. Afterwards it is possible to print an account statement, which shows which exhibit was visited and where money was spent or earned.