Mission Statement

The special field Digital Media Technologies (DMT) of the Institute of Business Informatics and Data Science at the University of Applied Sciences FH JOANNEUM Graz develops multimedia implementations for different fields of application. The DMT team is active in numerous projects with multimedia interactive installations and stations for museums and exhibitions.

Visit our showroom at the FH JOANNEUM to get a better insight into our work and projects.

Our core competencies focus on usability and accessibility services, the conception, evaluation and implementation of interactive multimedia information products for companies and museums, and the development of mobile applications for smart phones and tablets. Different multimedia and project labs (Digital Media Lab, Digital Creativity Lab, Vision Space Lab, video studio, blue/green box and audio studio) are available to us and to our students.

The quality and innovation of our projects and services have received many national and international accolades: for example, the German Multimedia Transfer Award (1. Place: SPEAKY – the multimedia speaker analysis), the European Top Talent Award (1. Place for mobile applications: Mobile Learning Engine) and the Austrian Multimedia State Prize (1. Place: SPEAKY – the multimedia speaker analysis).

You can find video clips of DMT projects on our YouTube Channel:

Current events are presented on our Facebook page:

Further information can be found on this website or in our folders:
Folder “Interactive Multimedia_Exhibitions and Showrooms”  [PDF]
Folder “Exhibits & Exhibit Management” [PDF]
Folder “Digital media Technologies” [PDF]