Heart over Heals

at FRida & freD – The Graz Children’s Museum, Graz, Austria [2006|03 – 2007|03]
tt NIHERST Science Center, D`Abadie, Trinidad and Tobago [2008|04 – 2008|10]
de Hygiene-Museum, Dresden, Germany [2009|09 – 2010|01]
de DASA – Working World Exhibition, Dortmund, Germany [2010|06 – 2010|12]
de Universum, Bremen, Deutschland [2011|03 – 2011|08]
at FRida & freD – The Graz Children’s Museum, Graz, Austria [2012|03 – 2013|03]
de Edwin Scharff Museum, Neu Ulm, Germany [2013|10 – 2015|03]

The exhibition „Heart over Heals“ guides children on a journey through the human body. With the metaphor of a house, visitors walk from room to room through organs and interact with them.

All data, which is collected by the visitors during their visits at the interactive stations, for example pictures, worth knowing about their body and themselves, is saved on a visitor’s card. After the visit, the guests are able to connect the collected data with additional data according to the exhibition and to print their personalized exhibition catalogue. The data can also be accessed over the internet with password protection.

The special field DMT developed for this travelling exhibition 29 interactive exhibits. The xCocos server is used for museums management and for storing the user created content.