Snail Scraper and Sky Shell

at FRida & freD – Graz Children’s Museum, Graz, Austria [2013|03 – 2014|03]
de Phaeno, Wolfsburg, Germany [2014 |07 – 2014|10]
de DASA – Working World Exhibition, Dortmund, Germany [2014 |11 – 2015|05]
de Technoseum Mannheim, Mannheim, Germany [2015|08 – 2015|11]
de Edwin Scharff Museum Neu-Ulm, Neu-Ulm, Germany [2019|09 – 2021|09]

Children at the age from three to seven experience in the exhibition „Schneckenkratzer und Wolkenhaus“ how animals build and what humans have adopted from them.

For this exhibition, Digital Media Technologies developed 2 interactive installations in which the young visitors can paint a room with light themselves. RFID technology in brushes and walls combined with a DMX lighting solution behind the walls enable the room to be colored.

Furthermore, a memory game was developed for the target group in order to process what was seen in the exhibition.

Schneckenhaus und Wolkenkratzer

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