House of Biodiversity Herberstein

The House of Biodiversity was opened in the course of the exhibition Show Styria in Heberstein. The DMT team developed 14 interactive stations with the help of a student assistent.

Sand Table

Visitors can shape different landscapes using kinetic sand. A layered model (with five colors) is projected onto the sand using Spatial Augmented Reality (SAR). Based on the terrain model, biodiversity is calculated and displayed on an RGB LED scale. Depending on the level of biodiversity (five levels in total), different bird species are represented above the landscape.

Interactive Globe

Visitors have the opportunity to interact with a globe using hand gestures (Ultraleap technology). Spatial Augmented Reality (SAR) is used to project onto a hemisphere. Seven buttons allow visitors to choose different globe visualizations.

VirNat 3D

Visitors can explore 3D models (depicting beetles) on a screen by performing a grasping motion (detected by Ultraleap). The 3D model is always positioned in the hand (similar to real grasping). When virtually releasing the beetle, its current rotation and position are retained. Visitors can select one of seven 3D models using buttons.

Identification Game Evaluation

Visitors can fill out various evaluation sheets (seven different sheets available in German or English). These sheets are scanned at a PC station, and visitors receive video feedback (with detailed information) indicating whether their answers are correct or not.