Does it taste good?

at FRida & freD – Graz Children’s Museum, Graz, Austria [2022|03 – 2023|02]
de Carl Bosch Museum Heidelberg, Germany [2022|09 – 2023|04]
de KL!CK – Das Kindermuseum, Hamburg, Germany [2023|05 – 2023|10]

A hands-on exhibition about food for young vegetables aged 8 and above. For the exhibition “Does it taste good?,” the DMT team developed 16 interactive stations about food. Children learn about the origin of eggs, discover who ate at which place, and what can be produced from milk. They help bees pollinate flowers and collect honey. Visitors learn which foods are still edible and which should not exceed their expiration date. At other stations, gingerbread, noodles, and cakes can be made. Children learn about the transportation routes of pepper and oranges at two additional stations. Not only are food items transported, but finished meals also set off with the pizza bike. Dexterity and speed are demonstrated in the food sounds and cereal station. Children can showcase their musical talent at the kitchen radio. The kitchen scale determines the corresponding amount of vegetables or fruits based on their weight.

360 degrees panorama


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