discover IT

at Medienkunstlabor, Kunsthaus Graz, Graz, Austria [2007|05]

Students of the Institute of Information Management realized creative and interactive multimedia projects for the exhibition “discover IT”. The exhibits from the special field DMT were exposed from 24th till 27th May 2007 at the Kunsthaus Graz.

From a visual drum session with sound cubes, a laser harp without strings to a magic book, which allows readers to leaf through human organs – the visitors of the exhibition “discoverIT” were enticed into a virtual world. The theme “touch, explore, discover – become one with the exhibits” invites visitors to row through the human body or to draw music. Moreover, visitors were able to send love letters via SMS on the biggest screen of the city, the BIX Wall of the Kunsthaus Graz.

Visual Drum Session
The Visual Drum Session allows to play drums by placing cubes on a grid. Every field represents a stroke, with is automatically repeated after a certain time. Through placing of different cubes users are able to create a fantastic drum session.

Laser harp
The laser harp combines the timeless appearance of a classy and noble instrument with modern technology. The harp allows to create sounds in C-major with the help of the connected computer. Instead of strings the harp uses a light barrier to sound music.

The project „TimeShift“ opens up a window to the past. You are able to observer what has happen in the past at the same place. Maybe you will meet an old and a younger version of yourself. As soon as you enter “TimeShift” you will be a part of it and everything you do will be preserved for ensuing ages.

Ready to Row
Ready to Row allows to row through a male body. Another, less explorative row adventure leads through the streets of Graz, of course in proper style and backwards.

Tempora Dinumerans
The project Tempora Dinumerans shows the connection between space and time by manipulating space with the help of time (a clock). Visitors are able to dip into the world of space and time and to choose the speed, with which they want to experience the reality.

My Inner Body
The „My Inner Body“ book describes a new method to learn from books. The MIB book is an application developed for children, which guides through the human alimentary tract. The MIB book shows 3 dimensional organs directly on the book pages with the help of augmented reality technology. The exhibit was presented in the exhibition “discoverIT” as well as in the exhibition “The Human” at the House of Science in Graz.

area|m is an extraordinary, multimedia-based fitment, which inspires visitors. Various games make the stay remarkable, unique and entertaining. Depending on the application different graphics are projected on the table plate. By touching the surface or placing objects on the plate different reactions are triggered.

SMS to BIX enables pedestrians to directly interact with the BIX Wall of the Kunsthaus in Graz and allows to create the content, which is shown on the BIX Wall. Pedestrians are able to send greeting or to post a personal statement on a display, which normally isn’t manipulable.

MPC – Manual Product Control
Computers determine the everyday life of many people. MPC – Manual Product Control is a possibility to control the computer in another way. MPC can be uses as an innovative way of presenting in museums or at exposition. Pictures, video clips and 3d object can be controlled and manipulated through gestures.

The Sound of Drawing
The Sound of Drawing converts drawings into sounds and music with no limits for the imagination. The exhibits consist of an overhead projector with an extension for endless transparency. Figures can be drawn on this transparency and a webcam records the pictures. A special software recognizes the drawings and convert them into sounds.