NXP Train

The Styria company NXP is specialist in the sector of RFID technology. Various possibilities of NXP products in the field of transportation are shown via the NXP Train. It is a contactless controllable demo with two Märklin model railroads. This train demo for the purpose of showing the performance of NXP ticket solutions is used at exposition and exhibitions, for example in Los Angeles, Moscow or Berlin.

The NXP train consists of a Märklin model railroad, NXP RFID reader, Reed contacts and other electronics. The trains are controlled with different RFID cards to determine the next stop or change the direction.

Carriage simulator

Permanent exhibit: Spanish Riding School Lipizzaner Stud Piber, Köflach [website]

While sitting on a carriage, made of iron and wood, you are able to steer horses with reins through the landscape. For the exhibit a real carriage and real reins are used as interfaces. The implementation emphasized on realistic horse’s reactions.


The landscape resembles the Weststyrian hilly landscape and provides paths, hills, creeks and a typical farmer house of the region.

The visitors of the Stud Piper receive a chip for using the carriage. If they want to take another ride with it, it is also possible to use one Euro coins.


Visitors are also able to compare with others during a carriage race. The turf is a 3d simulation of the real turf in Piper.


Coin magnifier

Permanent exhibit:
at Eggenberg Palace Coin Cabinet, Universalmuseum Joanneum, Graz [website]

The treasures of the Eggenberg Palace Coin Cabinet are multimedia-based tangible while looking through the interactive magnifiers.


The Coin Cabinet of the Universalmuseum Joanneum in the Eggenberg Palace stores more than 70.000 coins and ducats. In almost 500 years old rooms, unique treasures are restaged with multimedia. Visitors are able to gain detailed insights into the artful exhibits in by using magnifiers along the cabinet. The coins aren’t just only augmented through the magnifiers, they start to tell their own history. These stories are visualized with monitors alongside the cabinet.


With the help of RFID technology inside the magnifier and under the coins it is possible to give response for single coins. The custom produced magnifiers allow the optical augmentation and the digital recognition of coins.