Medical doll

Temporary exhibit [2012|04 – 2013|03]
Exhibition: Heart over Heals | MED Labor
Location: FRida & freD – The Graz Children’s Museum [website]

The medical doll allows visitors of the MED labor to try out examination methods of a pediatrician. A doll in the size of a child, which is equipped with different sensors and RFID readers, lies on an examining table. The doll responds to provided medical items, like a stethoscope, otoscope or magnifier. At the beginning of every sequence, the doll explains with kind of pain it feels.


The visitors search for the right instrument and treat the interactive doll at the right spot. A physician explains the disease of the doll and the its therapy.


Love of reading

Love of reading – the travelling exhibition for reading and hearing with six exciting story for four different age groups. From first readers to adults, everybody is able to experience interactive stories and to solve quizzes by using the Ravensburger tiptoi pen.

Partner: Province of Styria, Graz Children’s Museum FRrida und freD, Mit Loidl oder Co., Ravensburger, FH JOANNEUM Informationsmanagement.


NXP Smart City

NXP is one of the leading producers of RFID and NFC technology. The various capabilities of NXP products are shown in this project by using a city metaphor. The Smart City is presented at different exposition, for example the Cartes in Paris.

Smart City consists of three areas: transportation, city center and suburban area. RFID/NFC technology can be used in different use cases. For example, you can rent a bike by using your NFC capable smart phone or you are able to use your RFID underground ticket to get access to the museum.