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Exhibit for travelling exhibition
Location traveling exhibition: “Wirkungswechsel ” [website]

For the exhibition “Wirkungswechsel” we developed in cooperation with the Science Center Network a station about demography.

Through personalization of statistical data, visitors gain a new perspective on demographical questions like demographic growth, life expectancy and so on.

Visitors enter their year of birth, birthplace, and gender and figure out the interdependencies of age, gender, time and residence.

What would be,

  • if I were born in Somalia instead of Austria?
  • If I would spend the rest of my life in China?
  • If I had another gender?
  • If I were born 70  years sooner?


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Over the edge of a plate – cooking game

Permanent exhibit & exhibit for travelling exhibition
Location traveling exhibition: “Hotel Global” [website]
Location permanent exhibit: Zotter Schokoladen Manufaktur GmbH [website]

An interactive exhibit with the subject „Healthy Diet” was developed in cooperation with the Graz Children’s museum „FRida & freD“ for “Zotter Schokoladen Manufaktur”. The “eatable zoo” is located on the manufacture’s area, it is a creative organic farm, with old farm animal breeds and eatable vegetation.


The interactive exhibit deals with the question „Where does our food come from?” Children are able to cook various meals and have to choose between different ingredients (regional or imported products).

NXP Smart City

NXP is one of the leading producers of RFID and NFC technology. The various capabilities of NXP products are shown in this project by using a city metaphor. The Smart City is presented at different exposition, for example the Cartes in Paris.

Smart City consists of three areas: transportation, city center and suburban area. RFID/NFC technology can be used in different use cases. For example, you can rent a bike by using your NFC capable smart phone or you are able to use your RFID underground ticket to get access to the museum.